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Murguia's English 12

June may seem as though it is a long way off, but that time will pass by swiftly.á Enjoy your senior year and get your work done.á This first semester of English 12 is important to your chances of graduating on that specialá day in June.á We're going to read some of the best known literature in history, practice our basic writing skills, and above all have fun doing it.


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Monday, March 6th (59)
*NOTE: Bring your ERWC article book tomorrow

I. Journal: Ophelia is about to have her private life shared with the queen and king which means that everyone in the kingdom will know about her private life. Would you like to be the subject of an all-access reality TV show?
II. Review vocabulary
III. Style Notes: Colons and Dashes
IV. Continue Act II
Tuesday, February 28th (63)
I. Discuss first half of "What is a Life Worth?"
II. Journal: If someone "swears" to tell the truth, to do something, does it carry any more importance or validity? Explain.
III. Read Act I, Scenes 3, 4, 5
IV. HOMEWORK: Finish the article "What is a Life Worth?"
Monday, February 27th (64)
I. Journal: When it comes to matters of the heart, to whom would you turn for advice? How far down the list are siblings and parents?
II. Vocabulary Review
III. Finish watch Act I, Scenes 1 and 2
IV. Read Act I, Scene

Homework: Read pages 56-57 in the ERWC book-be prepared for a quiz tomorrow.
Friday, February 24th
I. Journal: Can you handle it well when your friends make a joke at your expense?
II. Vocabulary Quiz
III. Finish reading Act I, Scenes 1 and 2
IV. Watch Act I, Scenes 1 and 2
Thursday, February 23rd
I. Journal: Do you believe in omens, portents, and other means of foreshadowing of future events?
II. Vocabulary Review
III. Read Act I, Scenes 1 and 2
Wednesday, February 22nd (66)
I. Journal: Assume that one of your parents has passed away and you are an adult. Would you expect some say in who or when the surviving parent re-marries? Should they ask for your blessing?
II. Hamlet Acting Practice
III. Read Act I, Scenes 1 and 2
Tuesday, February 21st (68)
I. Journal: You are alone and you see something unbelievable (an alien, a ghost, something supernatural). Whom would you talk to about it? Considering everyone you know, who would be the best person to go to for advice, who would believe you despite the shocking nature of the situation?
II. Review Vocabulary
III. Acting Practice
Monday, February 13th (72)
I. Journal: Do you believe in ghosts? On what are you basing your views? You may use first person if your response ties directly to an incident in your life. Do not repeat the prompt.
II. Review vocabulary
III. Begin Theme Practice (See Murguia at lunch to make up work.)
Thursday, February 9th (74)
I. Vocabulary Review
II. Canto Scavenger Hunt
Wednesday, February 8th (75)
I. Journal: Would you take the same trip Dante took through hell if you were guaranteed to make it out unharmed?
II. Finish your canto web pages.
Monday, February 6th (77)
I. Journal: Dante begins the Inferno by forcing readers to listen to the cries and screams and the pain of the first level of sinners. We do not know initially, who is crying and screaming or what is causing their pain because we cannot see it. This forces our imagination to take over and make it worse. So, if you had to go one year without one of your five senses, (touch, taste, sight, hearing, smelling) which would you choose and why?
II. Review the vocabulary.
III. Finish notes on the Inferno
Friday, February 3rd (78)
I. Journal: Dante wrote the Inferno in the early 1300s; what "sins," serious or humorous, do you think Dante left out? What in 2017 might Dante not though of when he wrote his epic?
II. Return Into the Wild
III. Vocabulary Quiz
IV. Continue Notes on the Inferno
Thursday, January 26th (84)
I. Journal: You are given a chance to return to any previous point in your life and change a decision you made, but you will lose everything that has happened to you since then. Is there a time you would return to, a decision you would change? If you say no, would it change your mind if you were allowed to keep the memories from the events of your original life?
II. Vocabulary Review: In the Vocabulary folder
III. Complete Activity 22 Numbers 6-14
IV. Read Chapter 16 and begin Activity 31
Wednesday, January 25th (85)
I. Quiz on Chapters 11-13
II. Voice Lesson on Tone:/Eliot
III. Read Chapters 14 and 15
Tuesday, January 24th (86)
I. Voice Lesson/Diction: Chief Red Jacket (In the Voice Lesson Folder)
II. Edit 16 Minute Challenge
III. Complete Activity 22 Questions 1-5
IV. Read Chapters 11 and 12
Monday, January 23rd
I. Journal: Chapter 11 of Into the Wild begins with Walt McCandless lamenting the breakdown of his relationship with his son Chris. How would you like your relationship wit your children to be different?
II. Vocabulary Review
III. 16 Minute Challenge #1
IV. Read Chapter 11 -Homework
Friday, January 20th (88)
I. Journal: What is your most (school appropriate) dream you can recall? Describe it using detail. Do not repeat the prompt in your answer.
II. Vocabulary Quiz 16
III. Complete Activity 15 and Activity 17
IV. Read Chapter 10
Thursday, January 19th (89)
I. Discuss Scholarship Application Packet
II. Finish Return to the Wild video
III. Read Chapter 9
Wednesday, January 18th (90)
I. Vocabulary Review (In the vocabulary folder)
II. Watch Part 1 of Return to the Wild
III. Read Chapter 9
Tuesday, January 17th (91)
I. Quiz on Chapters 4 and 5 of Into the Wild
II. Journal: One debate over minimum wage service jobs is that all teens should have experience with at lesat one customer service job so they know what it means to work for others. Do you see value in this idea? Explain.
III. Copy Vocabulary List -Quiz on Friday
III. Read Chapters 6 and 7, complete Activity 10 and McCandless chart
Friday, January 13th (92)
I. As today is Friday the 13th, explain whether or not you are superstitious and why? If you are, what are you superstitious about? If not, why not?
II. 8 minute challenge #2 - Teens and dangerous activities
III. Read chapters 4 and 5 by Tuesday
Thursday, January 12th (93)
I. Voice Lesson/Imagery: Dove
II. Discuss Poetry Essays
III. Discuss Poetry Notes

*AP Testing Agreements Due Friday, January 27th
Wednesday, January 11th (94)
I. Journal: Describe a unique situation that involved interaction with a complete stranger. What happened? Why does it stand out in your memory.
II. Discuss Author's Note (Activity 5) and Activity 1 Responses
III. Read Chapters 1 and 2 and complete the Chris McCandless Chart
Tuesday, January 10th (95)
I. Journal: One of the reasons Chris McCandless ends up in Alaska is because he is heavily influenced by the works of Jack London who often wrote about adventures in Alaska. What real or fictional place from a movie, TV show, novel, story, etc. would you most like to visit? Why?
II. Check out novels.
III. Review yesterday's writing challenge.
IV. Discuss novel and Activity 1
*Homework: Complete Activity 5
Monday, January 9th
I. Journal: What is the longest amount of time you have gone without speaking to your parents/guardians? Do you feel this will change much after high school?
II. Discuss Curriculum Paper: Due tomorrow
III. Eight Minute Challenge #1
IV. Complete Into the Wild Activity 1 on your journal paper
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